MGSDRV v3.20+

by gdx on 21-11-2020, 10:31

MGSDRV creates a driver to play MGS files.
The documentation is full translated to English and French by gdx.
This version works also on MSX1 with 64kB or more.

Official Web page:

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By gdx

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21-11-2020, 10:40

Thank to tfh and Pencioner for checking.

By sdsnatcher73

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21-11-2020, 16:22

It should be MGSDRV not MSXDRV Wink

By gdx

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21-11-2020, 16:43


By sd_snatcher

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22-11-2020, 14:08

Thanks, gdx! Smile

By nf_ban

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23-11-2020, 15:45

Thanks for your translating.
But I'm sorry, the contact information for the documents I wrote in the past is now too old.

1. I have moved. I don't live at the address listed in the documentation now, please delete my address.
2. The e-mail has been closed. The newer is
3. Twitter is useful for contacting me. please contact to twitter @nf_ban
4. Please link to MGSDRV at the following URL:
* The current domain may change in the future.

I have created a new original archive containing the updated documentation.

May your music life be happier

By gdx

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25-11-2020, 02:08

I updated the contact information in documentation, and the archive has been replaced but it will probably be replaced again (I hope) because hidden files that can interfere on the MSX to decompress it has been add.

By gdx

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01-12-2020, 08:18

Can someone delete the hidden files and remove the "-V2" from the filename?