Improved version of Ptero's MSXIRC enhanced by Ducasp.
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Previous version:

Current improvements in this version:

  • Fixes to the UNAPI calling code so it works with ROM UNAPI's
  • Fixes not being able to connect to server when using a INI file as input parameter
  • Fixes DOS1 Mapper support when no mapper present
  • DOS1 Mapper wouldn't allow usage of #FF segment for our program, it a valuable segment, one more window and no reason to do so
  • Fixes possible crash with DOS1 mapper support and Mapper UNAPI, it was assuming it always use last mapper segment in DOS1, this is not a rule even though it works for Obsonet that does that :)
  • Changed the exit function, so it closes open connection as well
  • Updated so the main menu won't show remainings of the cursor or of the SIAT :)
  • Improvement on the Help File
  • Text strings review / correction
  • Clean-up of code
  • Commentaries about code functionality
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