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A music disk with Jarre songs interpreted by MCFN.

20170105 - The original Jarretenk disk has bugs:
The graphics at the intro deform severely when the MSX is not in screen 0 with at least a width of 41 columns, the font is a little bugged and in the end demo there are some glitches in the scroll.
These bugs were fixed by Lars The 18Th.

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MCFN-Jarretenk 1.0 [disk][original].DSK720 KB1911 week 4 days ago
MCFN-Jarretenk 1.2 [disk][BugFix].dsk720 KB2191 hour 27 min ago


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05-01-2017, 16:19

Updated with a patched release by larsthe18th.

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05-01-2017, 18:18

And reset the download counter... such a pity Santa

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05-01-2017, 18:30

If the MRC database is conceived in a perfect way, there is normally an option allowing an Admin or a Mod to modify manually the number of downloads.