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Firehawk BGM, rearranged by Bart Roijmans.

Fray - Sad Letter (Wolf)

by JohnHassink on 27-07-2018, 19:03

An intimate, serene arrangement of a well known classic song from the Xak series

Bonus game music arrangement from Arranger Complete Works

Rearrangement of the Galaxy Hero Legend 2 Intro. This game, released by Bothtec in 1990, is an obscure strategy game for MSX. This endeavor features all the music from the original intro but adds an enormous amount of new material by Wolf, to make up for a better and more rounded orchestral piece. The resulting music is a staggering 20 minutes in length!

Golvellius - Intro (J-War)

by Meits on 22-09-2012, 17:08

Golvellius Opening BGM by J-War

Rearrange of the main theme from The Goonies.

I found this game from my rom collection and it has great music
so i made my version of challenger 1985 track

This track appears also c64 and nes game.

I'm submitting this for the music MP3 download section.
This is the soundtrack that plays at the start of each stage in Gradius II for MSX (1987).
The official title is "A Journey To The Start", and the composer is Shinji Hosoe.

Game music arrangement from Arranger Platinum

Great Strategy BGM, rearranged by Bart Roijmans.

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