I am from Brasil, but I never knew of the existence of MSX until very recently. MSX is really amazing and fun, and I am playing a lot of its games, studying about it and I also learn some MSX BASIC. I set a mission for me to build a simple game for an old system and I build this game for MSX 1.


* The goal is to reach the top of the mountain and kill the evil god
* Defeat random enemies and use the correct magics/attacks to defeat then fast
* Increase your attack, defense and buy new magic in the process.

In the palaces of Aglos, there resides the one that should not be remembered. His cruel love is the reason for the misfortunes of the world of Acad. All the others perished, you are the last warrior, the last who knows the truth. The lord of all things still sleeps. There will be no other chance. Your sword was anointed. The heart of God is exposed. There is no turning back. 100 men entered these halls, only one lives. Legions of evil guard the way. Choose your enemies wisely. God must die, or the world will cease to exist.

How to Play
* Game is on diskette
* Just load the dsk file on driver A
* Type: LOAD"G.BAS",R


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