Pumpkin Adventure 3 walkthrough

by Manuel on 27-12-2013, 13:14

Walkthrough and maps of Pumpkin Adventure III, made by Jochen Bilderbeek.

Jochen writes: "I had a lot of fun playing this wonderful game back in 1995. I think I’ve played and finished it
once more several years later. And then, more than 15 years later my brother Manuel started
to play it again and that triggered me to play again too. He asked me to make a walkthrough,
so I did. It took me about 3 months (I don’t know how many hours of playing)."

And about the maps: "Back in the day when we (me and my brother Manuel) played PA3 for the first time
we made some hand drawn maps. They’re good to use. For this walkthrough I used them,
made some maps with Area Scanners and the one from Esirnus I got from a programmer."

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