Paco El Bombas REDUX

by Salguero on 06-01-2021, 09:30

MSX1 platformer, PSG, 32KROM, Joystick, Keyboard
released 2021 by Physical Dreams. Pimped version of the original Paco El Bombas
Code:José Luis Salguero. Music:Sergey Kosov

ROM format

20210112;ro;files updated with ENG, ITA and updated SPA version. Included SHA1 hash.

  • Paco el Bombas REDUX.rom -> updated version is Paco el Bombas REDUX.[0C39BE6006E5CD7F28B25312CAC6D19EDA4403A6].rom
AttachmentSizeDownloadsLast download
Paco el Bombas REDUX.rom32 KB5996 hours 51 min ago
Paco el Bombas REDUX.[0C39BE6006E5CD7F28B25312CAC6D19EDA4403A6].rom32 KB1325 days 8 hours ago
Paco el Bombas REDUX ENG.[17ADADC4BA5722BD27F5F8ADD9F5C1D2FF1D243F].rom32 KB1611 week 6 days ago
Paco el Bombas REDUX ITA.[549A53C976456BA242B6AE5627DA226FB9230F20].rom32 KB1352 days 1 hour ago
Paco el Bombas REDUX SPA.[35F3D0B7A06881CCE8006483DE9604A0E9C04514].rom32 KB1631 week 6 days ago