update 20220812; item removed on request of the uploader.


Please, can you remove this download below? This doesn't work as well as I expected on real MSXs and I have no hope of fixing this soon. It even doesn't work at all on some MSXs.

Patch for Sunrise ATA-IDE / CF interface using the Nextor driver to bypass
the slot 2 during start up (by pressing the 0 key) and the FS-A1 firmware.

After applying this patch you will able to dump a ROM cartridge inserted in
the slot 2 with software made for.

To do it, insert the interface in the primary slot 1 and the cartridge to dump
in the primary slot 2. Turn on the computer and press the 0 key during the
start up to bypass the ROM cartridge into the slot 2.

If you have a Russian keyboard, it's the 9 key instead of 0.

Tested with: