Bigger Memory Mapper Selector

by gdx on 11-01-2019, 12:36

BMMS is a program that selects the largest RAM expansion with Memory Mapper as Main-RAM.

So BMMS is more efficient than the usual "universal POKE"*. It allows to run software that do not take account secondary slots or using without asking question the Memory Mapper in main RAM.

BMMS sets the segments in order 3, 2, 1, 0 for MSX1s.

(*) POKE-1,(15-PEEK(-1)\16)*17

Bitbuster 1.2

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

The fast compression toolkit that offers decent compression for MSX, as used in Bombaman.

AuroraMSX found this small package in the deep dark dungeons of his mailbox. It contains a color fade routine for GraphSaurus PLx palettes to be used in BASIC. Source code and an example is included, so give it a spin!

Dante 2 course (Dutch)

by Jorito on 03-08-2014, 20:08

This is the Dante 2 course as it was available on the FutureDisk disk magazines. It covers all aspects of the Dante 2 RPG builder in plain text files. The course is in Dutch.

G9klib v0.7

by msd on 30-01-2013, 20:54

The GFX9000 library provides a basic sets of routines that are very useful to develop your own GFX9000 programs. It also supports the new g9b graphics format for GFX9000.

Package contents:

  • G9klib v0.7 (G9k library including sample project)
  • V9BMP v1.1 (BMP & tim viewer for gfx9000. Also can make non compressed g9b files.)

Screenshotter for openMSX

by DrWh0 on 02-09-2018, 22:55

Screenshotter is a tool for making automated screenshots/videos with the openMSX emulator.

Solid VBasic Compiler + linker

by Josb on 14-01-2012, 20:28

Solid VBasic Compiler + linker for MSX DOS. This enables the generation of .com files from .bas files.

This file adds Z80 syntax highlighting in texpad. TNIASM's pseudo-instructions are supported as well. The file can easily be converted to correctly highlight pseudo-instructions of other compilers, like SjASM.

Z80 Runner is a rapid prototyping tool to cross-develop, test, debug and profile assembly routines before using them in production code.

  • source level debugging (stepping, running, breakpoint-support)
  • cycle and code size counting
  • profiling (counting total and delta cycles between steps / breakpoints)

Zombie Near source code

by nanochess on 01-04-2016, 21:24

This is the full source code to the game Zombie Near by nanochess that was published as cartridge by Matra (MSX) and Collectorvision (Colecovision), it includes several platforms, the main one is MSX, there are also Colecovision, SVI and Memotech ports. Includes unfinished ports to Atari, C64 and ZX Spectrum.