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Ninja Tap BASIC driver 1.0

by aoineko on 31-10-2022, 12:21

This driver allow to use Ninja Tap device in BASIC programs.


All Levels (as images) of ANMA's NO FUSS, extracted from the original game.
These are images of all Levels of the game NO FUSS from ANMA, directly from the creator.
The images are extracted from the original .STG file of the game using a little program.
This download consists of 60 images in PNG format, one for each level.


by stompetower on 27-05-2017, 21:04

These are the maps of all Worlds of the game NOSH from ANMA, directly from the creator.

The maps are extracted from the original .WLD files of the game using a little program.
There is also a short visual manual that shows how to read the maps in both Dutch and English.

O'Connor - Map

by mars2000you on 26-08-2020, 00:15

Map for O'Connor created by mars2000you.

This game can be found on the author's website: Helger Lipmaa's MSX Page

A set of patched files that make the openMSX OSD available in Spanish language.
This also enhances usability of openMSX internal OSD adding useful key bindings and other enhancements.
Current version is beta 13 that is fully compatible with openMSX 17 (16 also supported as separate download)

Latest version available at:

A must have for Linux users:

This is a shell menu that allows installing the latest version of openMSX from official GIT easily without programming knowledge. It also features:
* Auto compile and install openMSX or openMSX TSX Advanced
* Auto installs openMSX system ROMs (incl auto search on internet if not found)

Back in 2006 togerther toob and msd made some patches to run compile games on opl4 or msx-audio cartridges without the use the msx-audio bios or use the poke -54,35. Because the opl4 uses different ports for the fm this patch changes the ports to C4 and C5 when the opl4 is used. The patch requires the game disk to in a physical drive. It can't patch dsk images.

PCM Encoder 0.01

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

This tool allows you to encode samples for high quality playback on MSX, using 11, 22 and even 44kHz sample rates. Sources included.

PDT (Protected Disk Tool)

by tcm1998 on 08-04-2017, 15:40

A fairly simple commandline tool that can do the following:

- Convert DMK into PDI and vice versa.
- Convert DMK or PDI into DSK (this will almost always kill any copy protections).
- Analyse DMK and PDI files to search for copy protections.
- Extract sectors for a DMK or PDI file.

This tool is for Windows

Sources are included.

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