RoboPlay is a multiformat music replayer for the MSX platform for the OPL3/4 soundchip and runs under MSX-DOS2.
It is written in C using SDCC and the FUSION-C library and consists of a main framework application and separate plug-in players per type of supported file format.

ROBOPLAY [player.PLY] song.EXT

The player name is optional, when no player is provided the file extension of the song is used for selecting which player to use.

The source code and additional information on how to create new players can be found here

Update 1.0 supoprts the following formats:
SOP: Note OPL3 Music Sequencer
D00: EdLib packed module
DRO: DOSBox Raw OPL v0.1 and v2.0
RAW: Rdos Adlib Capture
MOD: Amiga Module (up to 24 channels)
VGM: Video Game Music
IMF: iD Software Music Format (for .WLF extension 700Hz replay is used)
MBM: MoonBlaster 1.4
MUS: FAC SoundTracker 1.0, 2.0 and PRO
PRO: Tyfoon Pro-Tracker

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