Screenshotter for openMSX

by DrWh0 on 02-09-2018, 22:55

Screenshotter is a tool for making automated screenshots/videos with the openMSX emulator.

By default it makes screenshots with fancy names checking internal database of openMSX in order to identify the real name of the game contained in a ZIP file. Files are stored in selected folders. All your ZIP files will be processed in alphabetical order. It does all of this using TLC script on openMSX.

It can be customized in order to make these process "hands free":

* Take screenshots of all your games with specified options
* Make videos of all your games with specified options
* Make your digital library in order to use on your portable devices like raspberry pi or your front-ends
* Make demo reels for developers to show their products at MSX fairs
* Execute scripted actions in your MSX machines for complex projects like multiplayer games

And much more........
This tool is 100% free

20180905 Screenshotter 0.8

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