Terminator 2 demo

by msxlegend on 05-02-2013, 17:50

A remake of the Atari and Amiga Terminator 2 game intro for MSX2. A harddisk (IDE, Compact Flash, SD, SCSI, BEER, etc) is required to run the demo. Further requirements are an MSX2 with 128kB RAM and 128kB VRAM and if you want music you need an MSX-MUSIC.

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intro_t2jd_v1.1.zip200.23 KB4415 days 9 hours ago

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By msxlegend

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09-02-2013, 22:12

+1 Thanks to UNICORN for their great Music

It takes to me 2 month to create this demo.
Enjoy Smile


By roadfighter

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27-11-2016, 19:11

Thanks for the remake, i have the Unicorn version of the demo.
Can't wait to get this one on my msx Smile