The Fantasm Soldier Valis II English patch by Manuel Pazos and Theo Wilderbeek. The IPS patch contains:

  • Texts based on the X68000 English translation by MIJET.
  • The game has been modified in order to store longer texts in memory and display a bigger text area.
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the last 3 bosses was incorrect displaying the name of the first boss.
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Valis 2 Fantasm Soldier (English_IPS).zip1.11 MB9821 day 5 hours ago

Comments (2)

By raulsantacruz

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17-01-2021, 23:09

Hi Guillian,

Thank you very much for your work and for share this patch to everybody. Can you confirm if if this patch is compatible-acumulative with the previous FRS drum kit & enhancement patch ( ? If the answer to my previous question is yes, which must be the order to apply them?


By karloch

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31-01-2021, 00:02

I would not be very optimistic about it, as the SHA-1 in which they are based differs.

FRS patch SHA-1 checksums:

SHA1(VALIS2A.DSK)= f9523acb436548cb28816975f4420d79348e6085
SHA1(VALIS2B.DSK)= ff6c49ba7431459ec46db240470b1bad6fec889b
SHA1(VALIS2D.DSK)= 9da06782e01dba621d131e1c874e886ad559680f

English patch SHA-1 checksums:

9c05a8ea55fe6a3813219d7568da50c2e8f4ef4c *valis2-1.dsk
43c12ee91407255e4f69c3d9195df3e778532d0c *valis2-2.dsk
4d30e9c23ebc14f65c7583ff1103ef343054b353 *valis2-3.dsk
c1cc16c542caaec1cee8bd050d9bfdcd2bb71bb8 *valis2-4.dsk

It also makes me wonder which version is the good one, as it is clear they are not using the very same. I am going to post a forum topic to talk about this to see if the authors read it and they can achieve a solution.