DMK Creator 6.3

by cbsfox on 01-09-2020, 18:51

The latest Version of cbsfox alias Marcos Daniel Blanco's disk tool DMK Creator can be downloaded here.

-- DMK Creator 6.3 --

Take a look at the future. What do we see? Microsoft? Google? Apple?
Yeah, you are right, none of them! The future is DMK Creator 6.3 Shark Edition.

The technology involved was brought from the deep Atlantic Ocean.
Be careful what you will do with this tool. It is dangerous. One blink and all your stuff will be cloned.
Keep your protected disks far from it. Last warning...

This tool lets you create an DMK image of a protected disk using direct access to the hardware.
And after that, you can use the emulator OpenMSX to run the disk image.
You can save the DMK file even if you have just 1 disk drive, but it supports 2 disk drives and many mass storage devices. The technology is on your side.

PS: Remeber that if you don't have a mass storage device, you will need 2 formatted disks to receive the DMK file. The file will be split into to 2 files (DEMO.DM1 and DEMO.DM2), one for each floppy disk. In the end, use the tool "File Joiner" to create one DMK file (DEMO.DMK).
Be careful using this tool. It can copy every MSX disk creating a perfect DMK image file. Your protected disk is not safe anymore.

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