DSK-PRO 11.6

by cbsfox on 01-09-2020, 18:52

The latest Version of cbsfox alias Marcos Daniel Blanco's disk tool DSKPro can be downloaded here.

version 11.6, March 2017
Piratas do Caribe
in association with
Studio 700 software


Welcome to DSK-PRO!

We are proud to bring you the most powerful disk copy, disk analyzer, disk formatter and disk imaging tool ever made for the MSX and possibly the fastest disk copy tool on every platform!
This manual is intended for you to get the most of it and we believe that you will be astonished about how powerful this tool can be.
It is recommended to print this manual for quick reference too, so you can consult it anytime on-the-fly about the best way to copy locked or unlocked disks.

We hope you enjoy it!



The new DSKPRO 11.6 is the best tool to create image disk files from physical disks, supporting all memory expansions in any slot/subslot, and supports direct physical access to the floppy disk controller. So, it is able to read disks with CRC errors to create DSK files without a problem.

It supports unprotected and protected disks being able to manage DSK and the new PDI files.

This tool has also a full disk zapper to allow you to edit the disk sectors in HEXA or ASCII. And you can search for a string through all the disk.

There is a option that shows the complete Track Information. All copy protections can be revealed. And it possible to see the FDC's Addresses or Ports.

You can also format disks fisically with this tool. Forget the messages from the DOS like "DISK ERROR" after a format command. It has advanced routines to go deep into the track sectors to format your disks. And you can activate the Verify Disk Option to increase the chances to get a well formatted disk.
Your PC doesn't format your MSX disk? Well, PC sucks. Formatting a disk was never so easy.

And at last but not least it is a full disk copier.


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Comments (10)

By Mr.Mouse

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03-12-2020, 20:54

Why does this tool create a DSK image that is unreadible with DSK Manager, and will not work in OpenMSX. If I use COPY360 or COPY720 I get a DSK file that does work. What am I doing wrong?

By Pencioner

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03-12-2020, 23:10

This is for making dumps of copy-protected disks so it contains some low level data which is not a regular floppy disk sectors data. So COPY360/COPY720 is the right tool for what you want

By Mr.Mouse

Expert (66)

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03-12-2020, 23:15

Ah excellent. Thanks for your explanation! Smile

By Manuel

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03-12-2020, 23:17

I thought DSK Pro could also do regular disks?

By Pencioner

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04-12-2020, 08:32

@Manuel dunno, never used it, as i never had any protected disk in my hands... maybe it can, with some command line option, not sure

By iamweasel2

Paladin (729)

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04-12-2020, 22:22

AFAIK, DSKPRO can do regular disks. I was able to record some DSK to disks with it some years ago. Never did the other way around, though.

By sdsnatcher73

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06-12-2020, 06:15

DSKPRO will read/write DSK from/to floppy disk. It will also read/write DMK from/to floppy disk.

DSK can be used for unprotected disks only. DMK must be used for protected disks, but can be used for unprotected disks as well (although that gives no added value).


Master (221)

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24-11-2021, 23:39

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By cbsfox

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27-11-2021, 13:57

Hello guys.
The best Tool for regular DSK images is the new DSK-PRO Light.
You can look for It here in this site in the older posts.

By cbsfox

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27-11-2021, 14:29

Use this Link to download DSK-PRO Light: