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HD Image for the Beer IDE interface

by gdx on 16-12-2020, 14:49

This Zip contains a bootable HD Image of 4 partitions with MiSiX installed for the Beer IDE interface.

This image can be used to initialize an Compact-Flash with BEERIDE.EXE or to emulate the Beer IDE interface on OpenMSX.
Copy hd.dsk to the ~/persistent/Beer_IDE/untitled1 folder of OpenMSX for example.

HD Menu 3.2

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Browse through your files and directories in a fast windows-like environment

IDE Bios v2.50

by Jon on 09-02-2013, 17:18

Updated BIOS for the Sunrise IDE Compact Flash interface. This new BIOS contains a crucial bugfix for people using FAT16 partitions. The issue only occurred when using FAT16 and accessing a sector past sector 65535 in a partition.


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Increase the amount of free RAM under DOS2 with 32kB.


by Sd-Snatcher on 12-03-2018, 23:43

Various utilities for inter nestor lite.

IRC Client with native ansi suport (included drivers for V9938 and gfx 9000)
HTTP client
HTTP server with webcam (Philips 8280)
Gopher Client
Conecta 4 Game

Input Device Tester MSX

by pastbytes on 24-01-2023, 15:26

This program allows you to test:

- MSX joysticks (2 buttons)
- Analog (PC) joysticks
- Up to 12 MSX paddles
- Keyboard

Input Device Tester MSX v0.1.0


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

This software title is no longer available on www.msx.org due to a cease and desist request from TNI.

IRC client for MSX

by ptero on 27-12-2013, 13:28

This is a little awkward and unfinished IRC client for MSX made by ptero. MSXIRC worked on InterNestor Lite 2.0 and was tested with the Obsonet card (ethernet for MSX).

ptero also asks: "Maybe it's someone a need? And it should continue?"

ISE 1.01

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Graphical toolkit for DOS.


by Anonymous on 21-06-2020, 13:11

Last year picked up my msx hobby. Equipment: Nms8245 with SD cartridge 8bits4ever, hitbit 201p, I bought the philips module with music keyboard and happy with a brand new second hand plotter. Matrix philips printer also funny. Inkt for 3 euro ????
zemmix with printerport cartridge were used to write plotter program.

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