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mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v1.01
by ToughkidCST 2013 12-26

Rom Loader for 1Chip MSX - mglOCM v1.01 released.

What's New

1.01 :

- Many Konami SCC-I(SCC+)rom games support.
This means mglOcm can be used with OCM's SCC+ Sound Controller
for the music uses Konami SCC+ Sound Cartridge.

mglOCM is a MSX ROM loader for the "KDL firmware's OneChip MSX" that allows you to run msx rom cartridge images (like Konami-SCC, ASCII-8 and ASCII-16, 8, 16, 32k, linear rom files) on your device without setting any DIP switches or mapper patches.


  • Fixes for Rom Cartridge mappers auto detection module issues.

mglOcm v0.92

by moonsuncst on 19-08-2013, 00:32

mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v0.92
by ToughkidCST 2013 08-18

Rom Loader for 1Chip MSX - mglOCM v0.92 released.


This is the loader application that support to excute megarom cartridge images
like Konami-SCC, Ascii-8 and Ascii-16 all mappers for 1Chip-MSX(OCM)

mglOcm is only for 1chip-MSX compatible loader which loads MSX-Rom image file

MGSAVE with translated documentation

by gdx on 24-07-2019, 09:52

MGSAVE (v1.12) is a command for MSX-DOS to save the contents of a Megarom or MegaSRAM (ESE-RAM) to a file.

The documentation is included in English, French and Japanese.

MIF package v2.1

by Louthrax on 27-12-2013, 13:09

MIF is a set of tools to convert images to MSX format.

It consists out of:

  • The command line Windows version of the tool: mif.exe.
  • The GUI version of the tools, with real-time preview of conversion settings: mifui.exe.
  • The MSX-DOS viewer: mifview.com


  • * Support for all MSX 1 up to MSX 2+ graphical screen modes.


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Linker for MSX-DOS2 with MemMan support. Includes .COM and full source. Written for the GEN80 assembler.

Mouse Driver 1.0

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Adjust the speed and accelleration of your MSX mouse or trackball.

MSX Age 98 for Windows

by Albatros on 27-12-2011, 18:59

MSX Age 98 for Windows is an MSX drawing program that allows you to edit and save MSX graphics files. Supports screen 5, screen 7, screen 8 and screen 12 images.

MSX Photoshop Graphic Kit

by chpicolo on 29-11-2017, 16:30

This is a template kit, sample images and instructions about how to convert and open MSX SCREEN8 with Photoshop using no plug-ins or special software.

MSX Sprite Scan 2.0

by jorge.romero.9655 on 01-04-2016, 21:45

The creation of this tool arises from the need to convert some sprites originally designed in Photoshop, to pattern data and sprites compatible with color mode 2 used on the MSX2 and higher. The program allows you to use both the default MSX1 palette or a custom palette.

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