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Improved version of Ptero's MSXIRC enhanced by Ducasp.
Find more at: https://github.com/Fubukimaru/MSXIRC

Previous version: https://msx.org/downloads/irc-client-msx

Current improvements in this version:

  • Fixes to the UNAPI calling code so it works with ROM UNAPI's
  • Fixes not being able to connect to server when using a INI file as input parameter

MU v1.05 with manual translated

by gdx on 05-12-2018, 00:53

Mu allows you to use the memory mapper BIOS on MSX-DOS 1 almost like with the MSX-DOS 2.
Mu can also create up to two ramdisks and speed up access to floppy disks with several controllers.
MU is only for MSX-DOS 1.

Multi Cartridge 1.5

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

The Mutli Cartridge contains three programs from Marcos Daniel: DSKPro, Final Copy and the EPROM Bits Reorganizer. Using this ROM, you can request these tools any time, using the statements CALL DSK, CALL COPY and CALL EPROM.

multi menu for flashrom cartridges

by Fish on 14-06-2020, 15:34

I have a SCC flash rom cartridge lying around for quite some time, which was made from a broken King’s Valley 2 cartridge by Roadfighter.
I wanted to have more than one game on it, and it should be possible to use it on a MSX1. I found an excellent menu on the forums made by GDX and decided to enhance it a bit with some SCC background music. (Only to be heard when using a MSX2 or higher)

MultiMente Font Pack

by gdx on 19-07-2019, 09:57

This pack includes 9 fonts for MultiMente.

ISO-LAT1.FNT is a font coded ISO/IEC 8859-1 (Latin 1)
MSX-INT.FNT is a font coded as international MSX
MSX-INT2.FNT is a font coded as international MSX
MSX-JAP.FNT is a font coded as Japanese MSX
MSX-JAP2.FNT is a font coded as Japanese MSX
MSX-JAP3.FNT is a font coded as Japanese MSX
MSX-KOR.FNT is a font coded as Korean MSX

My utility products

by mstz80ax on 13-08-2019, 10:11

This is a collection of utility programs for MSX-DOS. Contents:

  • Quick ADX Player - a player that plays an ADX file easily.
  • DIX Editor & Player - editor to create playlist “.DIX” files for “XPLA” players. Simple player functionality is also included.
  • Bsave Image Converter - converts image data in BSAVE format to IMX format.


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

NSBASIC adds a few useful commands to the BASIC interpreter (SYS, CAPS ON etc.) and comes with full source code so you can add your own commands to BASIC as well.

Before the MSX standard was established Spectravideo made a few computer models (SVI-318 and SVI-328) that were used as a base for the MSX standard. They practically had all same components that MSX had, but they were connected to each other in a different way.

ODO 0.3

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

ODO is an utility for MSX-DOS and MSX-DOS2 that can load and run special ROM files. The current version supports all 8, 16 and 32k ROMS, ROMs with a start address in the 0000h-3FFFh range and several 48k ROMs such as The Cure and Universe: Unknown.

Hi Smile

I have made a little spanish translation of internal OSD Menu of the current version of openMSX (18/06/2020)


New updates and more mods/translations at my Twitter account:


¡ Hola!

He hecho una pequeña traducción del OSD interno del openMSX (para las nuevas versiones a día 18/06/20)

¡Que la disfrutéis!

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