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An MSX version of XOR (originally created by Astral Software and published by Logotron in 1987 for a range of platforms including the Acorn Electron, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum) written in MSX-BASIC.

Assembler has been used to update the map window, but the movement algorithms are in BASIC and can be very complex. If playing in an emulator, setting the emulator speed to 200% or above makes it pretty playable - although the background music will need turning off due to it relying on PAL-based interrupts.

Level 16 (originally only accessible via the level editor) has been included for completion. Images of other unpublished levels have been sourced and may be converted in the future if there is sufficient demand.

update 20200205:Unfortunately while working on official but unreleased levels from 1987, a bug in the code became apparent where bombs could 'blow up' a wall and allow the player to move off grid - crashing the game. The file has been updates (XOR1.dsk)

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