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Mouser Joystick Patch

por gdx en 22-04-2018, 09:03

Joysticks was supported in game but not in selection menu. It is especially inconvenient when using a wireless controller. That's why I made these patches that that allows to start a game with joystick.

Usage is as shown below.

Press button 1 of joystick 1 to one player game.
Press button 1 of joystick 2 to two players game.

An updated version of MSX-DOS2.SYS by NYYRIKKI.
See this newspost for the details.

Multiverse patch for FM-Town controller

por gdx en 23-12-2019, 00:50

When the patch is applied, [Select] Key allows you to display the menu in game.
If you hit [Select] key twice time it switches the character directly.

You can also use a JoySNES or Mega-2-MSX adapter instead of an FM-Town

Patch 2 Players for Yie Ar Kung-Fu

por gdx en 31-03-2019, 16:48

IPS patch released by Adriano for Konami's Yie Ar Kung-Fu. After patching the game, you will get a neat 2 player mode, which greatly enhances the amount of fun you can have with this MSX1 classic.

Patch for Beer IDE interface to bypass the slot 2 during start up (by pressing the 0 key) and the FS-A1 firmware.

Tested with the following Roms:


update 20220812; item removed on request of the uploader.


Please, can you remove this download below? This doesn't work as well as I expected on real MSXs and I have no hope of fixing this soon. It even doesn't work at all on some MSXs.


Patch for The Cure (XL2S Entertainment)

por gdx en 23-04-2018, 12:54

Patch to fix graphics corruption on MSX1.

Patch Rom size for Dig Dug

por gdx en 09-09-2017, 11:03

Dig Dug (Namco) is a false Rom of 32kB. This patch allows to make a Rom in real size (16kB).

Patch to fix the MB-H2 firmware

por gdx en 24-12-2021, 08:55

The original firmware searches if a ROM cartridge is inserted in the slot 1 or 2, if no ROM cartridge is found, the firmware is executed. Which is practical but the secondary slots are not taken into account, so if you insert a disk interface with several functions (memory expansion, megaflash-ROM, etc.), it will not be detected and the firmware will start, which causes a conflict.

This patch was made for the MSX2 Philips NMS-2220.

After applying the patch and replaced the ROM (Application ROM), use the
Basic instruction _DESIGNER or CALL DESIGNER to run it.

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