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Por hamlet

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11-03-2021, 11:47

Also the additional slotcovers are 3D printed and seems filigree.

Por hamlet

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11-03-2021, 11:53

First look inside reveals the RasPi:

Por ro

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11-03-2021, 12:29

Meits wrote:
santiontanon wrote:

(most of them in Spanish though).

Yes, and that makes me sad.

Yes, met too. Why doesn't the community just post in Eng for the whole freaking world to enjoy. I see lot's of Spanish software (even today) made in Spanish lang. why?!? You don't wanna publish your softs ouside Spain or sumpfn? Als we nu alles gewoon in het Nederlands doen, komt er vast ook gezeik.
aaaaanyway. nice Hams, showing of yer MSXVR. whoohoo

Por geijoenr

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11-03-2021, 13:46

In Spain not so many people speaks good English, specially people from the MSX generation and older, that's all.

Por efraimsangil

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11-03-2021, 13:50

geijoenr wrote:

In Spain not so many people speaks good English, specially people from the MSX generation and older, that's all.

I am agree.

I suppose programmers make their games or applications in their native language.

Por santiontanon

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11-03-2021, 15:10

Very nice pictures hamlet!!! Looking forward to mine!! (although my number is in the 400s hahaha)

About the English/Spanish. That's exactly right. Younger generations of spaniards are better at speaking English, but people from our generation are particularly bad at it (some of my friends didn't even study English at school, but French). So, I would ask you to be understanding. I'd also prefer everyone to speak English so we can all share things among each other, but they are not doing it with bad intention.

Por meits

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11-03-2021, 15:20

English is not the first language of many, but we (I speak for people from Holland) (try to) speak it (as good as possible) to people who do not understand Dutch. We speak English to each other if there's one around who does not speak Dutch (happens a lot here and on irc). Software from the Netherlands is English because we don't want others to miss out on what it's about.
There might be some occasional confusion because the wrong word was used or it might take a bit longer to make oneself understood because Google had to translate some words, but in the end the goal is to give everybody who wants to know the chance to understand what's going on.

Might be a Dutch thing, but I don't think it's bad thing.

Por jltursan

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11-03-2021, 15:36

The spanish case and our generation idiosyncrasy is nothing easy to explain and I'm afraid that mixing politics and/or national identities derails this thread Big smile

The best solution by far is to create a public international Q&A forum/wiki/whatever. I'm not in the list of happy MSXVR future owners; but I would also love a place where I can learn in deep about the machine.

Por sdsnatcher73

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11-03-2021, 17:55

It’s easy for Dutch of our generation because our country is small. All movies and TV series were never synchronized, just subtitled. The generations before us did not have the same experience as movies nor TV were as widespread as they were when we grew up. The younger generations will also have more trouble because all streaming platforms synchronize kids shows into Dutch.

Personally growing up near the German border I watched “Sendung mit der Maus”, “Pumuckl” and “Augsburger Pupenkiste” when I was a kid. That is why my German is so great (cough, cough).

Por Sander

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11-03-2021, 18:00

Well, I have a soft spot for old and real MSX hardware, but in the end, systems like MSXVR will probably our only hope to keep enjoying MSX in the next decades.

I tried to order the MSXVR once to test my developments on it, but I'm not sure what the ordering page means with the remark "key switch color". Also, I don't understand how to get one with Japanese keyboard layout (you can choose between different Japanese layouts but it's unclear what the differences are. And then I need to chose the key colors but the configurator doesn't show the result on the selected keyboard so there's no telling how the end result will look like.
(And there's so much to chose I wonder if the MSXVR team doesn't made it unnessesarily hard to build all those variations and it delays shipping). Please share your keyboard and system configurations!!

But looking at all the troubles I have by just releasing one cartridge, the efforts to pull a complete new machine in hardware and software is probably crazy. So I'm not sure where MSXVR will go in the future but the team has my deepest respect for undertaking this effort and frankly, I hope Hamlet's experience and others in this forum will help others to try the system, discover it's potential and hopefully solve it's quirks.

As MRC as a whole I think we should spotlight, support and push systems like the MSXVR as best as we can.

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