Christmas quiz 2020

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Por tfh

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06-12-2020, 10:34

Rofl! I already had an SCC right from the start, so hardly heard those games without SCC. Even though... I can still recognise some of them, but... not all of them I'm afraid.

Por Meits

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06-12-2020, 12:15

I wonder how points are being given for this as 1 wrong is not flawless but friggin good non the less. Good luck judging hamlet Smile

edit: I added the rc-numbers to the answers since not every game always has the same name. So throw a japanese name, sub title or european name at dieantwoord as much as you want. The rc-number will act as hamlet's checksum.

Por FiXato

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06-12-2020, 13:05

maybe x out of y correct is win?

Awarding points for every correctly guessed song could give a disproportionate (dis)advantage if someone is unable to participate today (or just plain sucks at this kind of questionWink)

Por hamlet

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06-12-2020, 13:09

I thought about it for a long time and came to the decision to use percentages for this task.
Each title that is placed in the correct place will give a part of the score.
Like this:

RC 710   right ansii
RC 705   right ansii
RC 730   wronk
RC 725   right ansii
RC 426   wronk
RC 701   wronk
RC 720   right ansii
RC 726   right ansii
RC 731   right ansii
RC 733   right ansii

All 13 titles at the correct order will give an score of 1 point.
In this case 7 answers are correct, that means a score of 0.54 is given.

Por defdanny

Champion (261)

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06-12-2020, 13:41

So, 0.54 rounded up is 1? Just joking.
But, I do not understand, how you transfer this percent score to the quiz score?
Or do you mean, at least a score of 50 % is enough to get 1 quiz point?

@meits: Very nice question, this is my kind of riddle! In pre-corona times I used to go to a pub-quiz with my wife and friends, and there was always a final music quiz round (from the 60ies to present). So, because of that also very welcome!

Por ro

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06-12-2020, 13:58

Meit's SCC compilation is finally a question I can answer... easy. Smile Love it, bruh

Por hamlet

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06-12-2020, 14:04

I will not be rounding this result but using it as a decimal number for the quiz score.

Por TheKid

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06-12-2020, 15:22

Thanks Meits for todays question. I had a lot of fun with answering it. 2 songs I had to look-up, the rest I recognized instantly Smile I was one of those players who played the games without scc so that's why a lot of them sounded familiar. Although I must say, I think you made the scc songs with a japanese msx, because I played the games on a european msx 2 with 50 Hz and not 60 Hz. (so I know most songs but in a slower pace)

Por Meits

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06-12-2020, 15:40

I played on a european msx as well, but never without first typing vdp(10)=0.
No MSX was used making this compilation Wink

Por Samor

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06-12-2020, 17:28

I did not even know what legal or illegal was at the time. Copying games was just the thing to do. And Nemesis 2 did not have any sound because we had a 128kb nms8250. Wink

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