Space Ranger - A new game for the MSXVR

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20-11-2022, 12:13

M-A-D-M-A-X wrote:

You must download the developer version of the program and reboot the MSXVR :

After, switch in config video mode VRAM at 386.

For me at that time the game was still not working properly (bugs, glitchs, freezes, etc.) and crashed the MSXVR.
I had to change the resolution to 1024x754p in config video mode (I use an LCD monitor) and the game work finally properly :)

For me the game works properly at 800x600 but, after playing, if i reboot the MSXVR, i have a black screen, and i have to shutdown the machine and powere-on again ( sometimes a couple of times)

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