Radio Amateur Magazine and MSX

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Por Hydlide

Master (171)

Imagen del Hydlide

06-10-2010, 20:46

Most dutch MSX fans know the big ones like MCCM, MSX info, MSX Mozaïek etc. But RAM was a big fan of MSX as well.
The publisher went bankrupt a long time ago and the current owner doesn't even have the archive anymore. I got lucky and found years 1984-1992, the years of MSX on the top.
I plan to scan/photograph every relevant article and put them online. Since there is no longer any publisher I am considering this public domain for non commercial use. 

Here are some quick snapshots from a few covers:

I will follow up when I got some more scans. I will probably pack everything as a cbr, which should make reading easy on most systems.

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Por edoz

Prophet (2369)

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07-10-2010, 14:40

Realy cool! Do you know if there also some programs developed for packet radio ? using 27 Mhz ? Because the title "radio amateur"
I have an old 27MC transmitter .. so maybe cool to try Wink

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

Imagen del Hydlide

07-10-2010, 15:14

I think there are. I will check the magazines. I noticed a number of programs for C64 and Spectrum in earlier issues, so there must be something for MSX as well.

Por edoz

Prophet (2369)

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11-10-2010, 09:27

That is nice if so... like to test this .. i wonder (if there is some software) if it's compatible with default protocols..(baycon for example)

Por Meits

Scribe (6437)

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11-10-2010, 14:53

Those magazines breathe some kind of old MCM atmosphere... I like the looks...
Please scan them instead of photographing them...

Por edoz

Prophet (2369)

Imagen del edoz

11-10-2010, 15:09

Wink .. scan.. is nice Smile

Por ivke2006

Resident (53)

Imagen del ivke2006

11-10-2010, 16:14


Hydlide is a semi professional photographer so I'm sure his photo's will be 'above average'.

Por _ThEcRoW

Expert (127)

Imagen del _ThEcRoW

26-03-2013, 15:23

Any info on msx software for radio amateurs?

Por mtn

Champion (262)

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27-04-2013, 17:05


I hope for a "parseable result", so I can run it through some translating service. Smile

Por msxholder

Champion (382)

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27-04-2013, 23:15

There Is a piece of hardware With build in software "rom"
From Yaesu special for High end scanners With locked speed RS232

Por pu2ash

Supporter (2)

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26-12-2014, 23:32

Please, any information about ham radio software for MSX1?

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