MB64H444PF Sony computers MSX2 (expand Memory)

Por lovemsx

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21-11-2010, 19:24

Hello I wonder if there is a datasheet of IC MB64h444PF, I have the service manual HB-f1XD, and talks about pinning him. But it says exactly that on some pins are connected, because I need to expand the mapper HB-F1 for at least 128, and 256kb or data lines ranging from a0 to a7, but I think that can have a beautiful data a8. The pins are 11 to 3 rows of data, and pin 2 is connected to Earth, along with pin 1. I would love to find the CI Dataseet.

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Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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21-11-2010, 20:29

CMOS Gate Array
Fujitsu Component Limited

Look here

Por lovemsx

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21-11-2010, 20:35

Unfortunately not, this component of the msx is Sony, and he is a speed controller, which controls the data addresses of ram, and slots. I'd seen this datasheet. Thanks for the help, if you know anything else please help

Por RetroTechie

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21-11-2010, 20:40

So would I, but I think a pinout is the most we'll ever see. BA-team AFAICT there isn't a mapper in this IC, expanded address lines can be picked up from S1985 MSX engine (for up to 256 KB, and perhaps 512 KB).

If you want to use (44256) DRAMs, you can multiplex those address lines (& provide refresh address?) somehow, read: requires custom circuitry to be added (I don't have schematics or anything for this machine). Probably easier to grab a 512Kx8 static RAM, bend a few pins sideways & put in empty ROM socket (if there is one) or solder on top of a ROM chip. Wire up for 256K & test, then see if 512K can be made to work.

1/2/4 MB would need lots of extra circuitry...

@Eugeny: wow thx, great find, didn't know that datasheet existed. Big smile Sinclair users would call this a ULA (semi-custom IC). Unfortunately for deciphering its function that datasheet is useless... Crying