SRAM ERROR - problem loading War of the Dead

Por Szczepaniak

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28-11-2010, 19:39

Greetings MSX experts

I'm trying to playing the first War of the Dead game via MSX emulator on my PSP. I've got 2 different version of fmsx, ported I think by different people.

My preferred emulator is the following:
PSPMSX is a port on PSP of the version of fMSX-SDL from Vincent van Dam

I'm not sure who ported the other one. PSPMSX works great normally, whereas the other one has a broken save/load function. My problem is, when I try to load War of the Dead 1 on PSPMSX, it says:

****SRAM ERROR****

I've tried a DSK image, a ROM, and an MX2 file, all taken from {cookies romsite}. When I load the files on the alternative emulator (with broken save functionality), they load just fine without problem. Except of course I can't save anymore.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it even possible to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Por Manuel

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29-11-2010, 20:53

The ROM version cartridge has a built in SRAM. If your emulator doesn't emulate it, it won't run.

Por siddy6581

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10-11-2019, 22:31

I had the same problem. I also tried the disk version with carnivor2 and sofarun, but didn't work very well.
I guess you could play it in a similar way as Xanadu with Carnivore2 and c2ramldr-function, but then you also get the same problem as with Xanadu, mening you won't really be able to save, since the game eraste when the machine is shut off.

Por siddy6581

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10-11-2019, 23:06

The disk versoin of War of the Dead is kind of wierd btw. It seems to have some kind of loadrom-protocol (wodeath.ldr). I tried to start it even with a real floppy disk but without much success.

Por siddy6581

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10-11-2019, 23:54

...Anyone know if there's some helpful setting for running it with Sofaun - the ROM-file that is.