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Por 4play

Resident (53)

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01-05-2002, 17:34

I got an arcade 2 joystick (1988 edition) for 2 euro Smile joy..... and it works like a dream (yeah get them broken that's the hard part)

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Por Latok

msx guru (3885)

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01-05-2002, 22:53

Hehehehehehe. Yeah, I saw some of them lying around at our local market in Hoorn too. But I have plenty of those joysticks, so I wasn't interested.....It's THE BEST joystick there is....

Por Hugosmits

Supporter (7)

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22-05-2002, 16:05

check the "stort" I just got myself a MSX2 (2 floppy and 2 cardridge drive's) an MSX 1 (sony) + software + Harddisk,

2 joysticks, 50 floppy's, cable's and much more... for only 5 euro !!!!!!!!!!!