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Por J-War

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16-09-2003, 20:24

We, the music arrangers need to mute audio tracks to isolate some music parts to ensure we've retrieved the right notes when we are working on a MSX Music arrange.

- Actualy KSS from F.Groen is perfect for that but unfortunately it lacks many konami games and all non konami major titles !

- The KSS plugin for winamp doesn't allow track muting and is totaly as unaccurate as the old method which consist to retrieve all note slowly by listening to each part again and again.


Well, seriously, Would someone have an idea and some skills to help us working faster and easier ?

We need the following features :

- Track selecting / muting (yes, to listen to one or several tracks at a time)
- Output what we're listening to .Wav
- Output/logging to midi WITH TEMPO would be even better ! (But without tempo it's totaly unuseful)

C'mon guys that shouldn't be that difficult to ! (except the tempo thingie maybe)

A KSS winamp pluging with the above features would be absolutely amazing !
With such a plugin, i PROMISE i'll arrange ALL major MSX games musics ! Smile

Plz think about it. Not that we can't work without it, but it would be realy easier for us...
Thanks in advance !

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Por wolf_

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16-09-2003, 20:43

tho I'd like to mention that, a few years ago, before f.groen's KSS came out, I made a perfect analysis in notepad of the viral intro of sd snatcher..

it's not impossible, but takes a lot of work yes..

Por J-War

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16-09-2003, 21:09

I didn't say it was impossible !
While we're at ego, i done myself perfect transcriptions of Sd Snatcher's Modern Crusade & Space manbow intro on a score.
It was difficult tho and KSS allowed me to correct 2 wrong notes on that almost hidden violin part in the Space Manbow intro...

The topic is just avoiding wasting time in the note retrieval process, and SPEED UP things since we're all growns up busy with life nowadays !
If we had a way to gain significant amount of time, it'll make us feel more comfortable at arranging new songs Smile


Enlighted (5889)

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16-09-2003, 23:49

Go to and write your request to local BBS.

OK is usually very open to suggestions and he is the one, that can help you. The MIDI thing might be anyway a bit too much to ask. :)


Por J-War

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17-09-2003, 03:38

Yep, i mailed him.
I am dicussing this... I might have great news soon.

Por shaiwa

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17-09-2003, 09:14

How about a program that can 'rip' cq record raw msx music... i think that make life easier....
Working on a proggie like that but i'm a starting amateur programmer so that will take a while.
But offcourse,... if someone has better options/methodes i'll be very happy..


(ps. : like your rearrangements J-War ... but the english site needs some work.)

Wolf_... just heard your dragonslayer rearrangement... sounds great...

Por snout

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17-09-2003, 12:57

Hmmm... you can also ask a KSS to notescript-convertor. Where's the art in that? I think the real art of re-arranging is trying make your own interpretation of 'what's going on' without muting channels or performing other tricks. Trust on your ears and your feeling with the song.

Por ro

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17-09-2003, 13:00


hurray for snout....

Por J-War

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17-09-2003, 13:33

Sure Snout, now trust on your ears and your feeling with the song and publish some rearrangements. We're all curious to see how many arrangements you'll make before being pissed off a the note retrieval process which has nothing to do with the arrangement itself. It's just a basis that you analyse and use for the final remake.

Por Low_Profile

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17-09-2003, 13:43

The fun of arranging (imho ofcourse) is letting your ear try to isolate the various parts in a song... this also trains you to listen to music more intensely and appreciate separate 'sections' in a song Smile

That's also the reason why (some) arrangements i made 12 years ago sound like crap to me now, because I hear the mistakes now that I didn't notice back then. And the same thing will happen over 10 years when I listen to arrangements I made nowadays probably Smile

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9906)

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17-09-2003, 13:51

The less channels a soundchip has, the more counterpoint tricks a composer needs to do to get some decent output from it. These tricks include highly detailed note movement.

Something simple, like The Goonies, can be interpreted widely, you won't do anything really wrong here. But take some of the tunes from sd-snatcher. I tried and tested it, if the notes are not 100% accurate, then it just doesn't feel right. No matter how good the samples or synths are, which you use to re-arrange, if the notes aren't right, the result won't be right either.

I'm in favour of big complex arrangements, so definitly something personal added, but I'm also in favour for accurate note transscriptions.

But, try it yourself. Try to cover the viral intro/modern crusade of sd snatcher, the way you FEEL it should be.. in this case I don't expect all notes to be 100% accurate, maybe even less than 50%. Then we compare that result to an accurate version.. let's see which ones we like more..

The most shocking example might be the music of boulderdash 1. It's 2-channel music and on each 'step' there's a note. Try it! If you're not 100% accurate, you're doomed Smile

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