What kind of Software do we need to improve the MSX community and it's revival?

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17-09-2003, 17:02

I was wondering what is necessary to improve the MSX community and the MSX revival... What do I mean?

See... What is the reason of a computer without software? It is useless.. (I know there are lots of good softs for MSX around, but new ones are important). So what kind of development would be a good move to make nowadays?

I was thinking about the PDA's platform... Why the Palm is so much popular than the Pocket PC? Besides the price, of course, the Palm have much more software. But why? Because they have much more developers...

So I thought about the Windows platform... What have made the windows (I mean the 3.1 version under DOS) suficiently attractive to a large number of people to use it? The increasing number of software titles to it. How Microsoft have done to it happen? The Visual Basic development platform. Why? Because of it's IDE, so a large number of people could easily and rapidly create new programs to windows. And the language itself although not very powerfull like C or Pascal, but easy (and quick) to learn. (By the way, I am not rising any flag to the VB. Actually I don't like it at all, although I am starting to work with it at my company... The language that really like is Delphi!!! eheh)

Anyway... I believe that what the MSX platform needs right now to be even stronger is to have an IDE development platform, easy to learn, and suficiently powerfull to make programs of all types. Perhaps an implementation of MSXBasic would be cool.

But, I thought about Java. If we have a Java Virtual Machine to MSX, the number of titles to MSX would explode! All Java programs already made would be MSX enabled too... But, as I am not very aware about the tecnical possibilities of it, I don't know if this is possible to happen. I guess it is not... But even if there was a way to run J2ME soft in MSX would already be wonderfull... (I believe that J2ME is not so heavy to run in a MSX... It runs in cell phones, damn it!)

What do you think about it, guys? Is it a good Idea? Do you agree? You do not agree? Why? Do you have a different idea?

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