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20-09-2003, 22:43

Well, let me enjoy my few minutes of fame here too, for the recognition for all the hard work I never got Wink
My name is Jorrith Schaap, and started out with MSX somewhere in the 1987's when my folks bought a 8245 (which I still have). At that time I didn't do any MSX development, just enjoying games. Some years after that I managed to scrape some money together to buy a Korean FM-Pac, and was totally stunned by the improved sounds! After some messing around with ProTracker and creating some horrible tunes, I got myself a Music Module as well and started playing with MoonBlaster for a bit. After quite a period of learning some basic composing skills I actually managed to create short 16 pattern songs that didn't sound completely off key Wink

Then the 'big break' came! I was a subscriber to the FutureDisk from the start, and somewhere just before they released FD#10, I sent them a disk with some music. And the suckers even liked it! Pah! I was hired as their composer from that issue on, and in the end, I composed all music for the magazine and extra games and demo's on the FutureDisk, from FD#10 until the latest (#43 if memory serves me well). Somewhere between FD#10 and FD#11, I met the people from Hegega (from Teacher's Terror) on a fair, and they talked me into composing for them too!

All this practice greatly enhanced my composing skills, and I was asked more often for music. Some other stuff I worked on? Sonyc, Sand Stone, 100% Music, Bet Your Life, Carbuncle Big Band, and I forgot a whole bunch probably. Nowadays, Bombaman (on is taking up a large portion of my free time, both with the music and with trying to get the team somewhat organized and plan things ;)

Hmm... some sidenote stuff... because MSX is soooo boring, Ialso started experimenting with MIDI, synthesizers and Cakewalk a bit. Still a lot to learn, but the feeling of discovering new tricks and new ways of making music is still there! I actually made some MSX related music, for the RoadFighter remake and also some of my songs will be placed on Arranger Platinum. Now that people seem to like my music a bit, all that's left is to actually learn how to compose :P

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Por MrRudi

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21-09-2003, 14:21

"Now that people seem to like my music a bit, all that's left is to actually learn how to compose "

All that is left is to take the friggin time to decently master your stuff so they can be called "DONE" instead of "in progress" you retard!


That's a not-so-subtle hint yes Wink

Por Jorito

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22-09-2003, 21:22

Hmm, good thing subtle things are entirely wasted on me, so I will just say I didn't hear you say that Smile
Seriously, I re-installed Windowze again this week, so I finally have a working setup for mixing my stuff. But... _after_ Bussum!

Por The_Engineer

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21-10-2003, 13:24

Soundwave! Smile
In his early years (1993-1994) known for three crimes against my ears Evil :
1) abundant use of FM instrument no 4: The Flute
2) elongating short tunes by changing the key four times on the same piece of music
3) abundant use of the tiedeliedeliedeliedi loops after each key changed piece of music

Fortunately, Soundwave did improve a lot and I really liked the music he later made for Carbuncle Big Band, Gorby vs Puyo and numerous other projects.

And... :O I also must admit that I made one crime against the ears of Soundwave (and the rest of all FutureDisk readers)...
For at least 4 years there was an error in the loading routines of the MSX Audio sample kit for the selector part of the FutureDisks (something went wrong with the conversion of ASCII to WBASS2 internal format) and I ignored this error due to the fact that I did not have an MSX Audio Crying

So Soundwave his samples weren't wrong... it was the loader Sad

Por Jorito

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07-01-2004, 22:33

Hey! Gimme a decent soundcard, and I will use decent sounds! Might have saved you a #4 - Flute drama Tongue

I still do #2 and #3 in the list, but only less often. Awell, you should have hired a real composer Wink

And last but not least... as far as I know, that FutureDisk selector bug was never fixed! Or maybe it was fixed but just never released. Awell, those were the days!! Back then when I learned how to compose. Not that it did any good, but hey Wink

Por Meits

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26-01-2004, 19:49

Jorrith Schaap... You were the one who let my friend win your music contest... The song had the rediculous name "De dermate tevens" and was "composed" by Dos... Though, he just typed... I was lying on my bed reading MCCM telling him how often to push left/right/enter/D4/C#2 stuff...

Why did you let him win? LOL!