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Por Rimshot

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21-09-2003, 18:37

I would like to know how to read the Art Gallery files (GE5, SCA etc). And what is Screen 5 and Screen 10 ? Are they some kind of software? Thanks already.

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Por chaos

Paladin (809)

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21-09-2003, 18:40

for screen 5 pictures:
10 screen 5
20 bload"filename.ext",s
30 color = restore
40 goto 40

you can use almost the same source for loading sca pictures I think
Just change the 5 in a 10 Smile

Por snout

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21-09-2003, 18:44

Oh this can be done very easily...

SCREEN 5 and SCREEN 10 are modes of the VDP on the MSX. When you boot an MSX without a disk you end up in BASIC.

This is an easy listing that gets the job done

10 COLOR 15,0,0:CLS
50 A$=INPUT$(1)

The, you press F5 (or type RUN) and off you go.

what does it do?

Line 10 - sets a white forground and black background and border colors.
Line 20 - switches the VDP to SCREEN 5 (256x212 16 color graphical mode)
Line 30 - loads a file called FILENAME.GE5 and displays it on screen
Line 40 - sets the palette data (the 16 colors come from a 512 color palette)
Line 50 - waits for a keypress

when you run it it shows the file FILENAME.GE5 and waits for a keypress. If you press a key your program will return to BASIC (and switch back to SCREEN 0 or SCREEN 1 automatically)

.SCA files are made for SCREEN 10. To display these correctly you need an MSX2+ or turboR (or emulator). Then use this listing:

10 COLOR 15,0,0:CLS
20 SCREEN 10
50 A$=INPUT$(1)

Good luck!

Por Rimshot

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21-09-2003, 19:43

Tongue Tongue ....I guess I forgot to say that I'm trying to run them at NLMSX. Where should I put the file itself before writing the lines on basic? oO Wink

Por mars2000you

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21-09-2003, 19:55

The graphic file and the basic loader must be in the same directory, what is always the case if you don't use DOS2 (only DOS 2 knows subdirectories, like on a PC)

So, put both files on the same DSK file and use the basic command RUN"loader.bas" (if the basic loader is called "loader.bas")

You can also rename "loader.bas" as "autoexec.bas". No more RUN needed, because you have then an autoloadable DSK file !

Por Rimshot

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22-09-2003, 03:06

I still could not run them...
I downloaded a zip archive whose contents were the following files:
Then I created a I DSK file (as mars2000you said) called house.dsk containing all the files above. Which file is the basic loader? Please someone help a msx friend!

Por snout

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22-09-2003, 12:46

The BASIC loader is not included. When you are in BASIC you can type the listing I suggested, replacing 'FILENAME.GE5' with the name of the .GE5 picture you want to see.

If you type RUN it will show the picture. You can save this loader on the DSK by typing


next time you van RUN 'LOADER.BAS"

it whenever you want.

if you save the file with

the disk will automatically boot with the LOADER you just created.

Por Rimshot

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23-09-2003, 00:29

I finnally saw an image (.GE5) !!!
But when I try the lines for the .SCA file, the following sentence appears on a black screen:
"Illegal function call in 20"
What should I do? And where can I make my own images?
Thanks for all the help Smile Smile

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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23-09-2003, 00:31

Set your emulator to emulate the MSX2+ system, you are apparently trying to use SCREEN 10 (a MSX2+ feature) on MSX2.

Por FiXato

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23-09-2003, 10:40

As for creating Images, I suggest you have a look on the FuNET FTP, it contains several drawing programs, such as AGE
There is also AGE for windows IIRC..

Por ro

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23-09-2003, 16:49

I recently made a online GE5 viewer (pure PHP), which would complement the GFX gallery. Just click an 'ave them pictures in your browser real time. Working on the other screen files at this moment.

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