Making a bootable SD-CARD for the One chip msx ?

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Paladin (813)

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16-03-2011, 13:20

I want to start using my OCM but the manual isn't very readable ?!?!
So i wonder how i'm supposed to make the OCM boot MSX-DOS from a SD-CARD ?


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Por luppie

Paladin (857)

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16-03-2011, 13:36

Hi Tjeerd,

First of all you will need a SD card (not a SDHC card)
Format it as a FAT16 system (I tried 2Gb, but in my OCM it was not readable, so I'm using 1 Gb cards)

If you want the system to remember settings like SET SCREEN and column width, you have to copy MSXBIOS.DAT as the first file om the card.

After this you can copy COMMAND2.COM & MSXDOS2.SYS and you'll have a bootable SD Card for the OCM


Paladin (813)

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16-03-2011, 20:55

Yep, it was so easy as you described i've got now a one chip that is booting msx-dos, jippie Big smile


Paladin (813)

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17-03-2011, 13:31

On the banzai site i did find the following special key's, but uhhhh, which key is the select button ?

Special keys

Page Up Master volume +
Page Down Master volume -
F9 PSG volume +
Shift + F9 PSG volume -
F10 SCC volume +
Shift + F10 SCC volume -
F11 OPLL volume +
Shift + F11 OPLL volume -
F12 Cycle VDP debug: Normal display > VBlank Interrupt duration > Line Interrupt duration > Sprite reveal > Fixed palette > VDP registers
PrtScr Cycle video output (see dip 1 and 2)

Por caro

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17-03-2011, 14:43

which key is the select button ?

-- Special keys for English 101/104 Keyboard
-- PS/2 KEYS       : MSX KEYS
-- F6              : [GRAPH]
-- F7              : [KANA]
-- F8              : [SELECT]
-- END             : [STOP]
-- ALT R           : [GRAPH]
-- ALT L           : [GRAPH]


Paladin (813)

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17-03-2011, 15:18

That's fast, thanks Wink
Will try my tsr that pop-up with shift + select tonight, I hope it will work.


Paladin (813)

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17-03-2011, 22:20

The F8 key did the job, my tsr program is running again Big smile

Another question, how do you run a disk image file on the OCM ?
The program i used to use with my old harddrive isn;t working on the OCM Sad

Por ivanovic

Rookie (24)

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20-01-2021, 16:33

Hi! 10 years later Smile ... I'd like to cerate a new bootable SD card for the one chip to replace a working one which only has 128Mb... but I can not find SD cards bud SDHC... I read above SDHC won't work... is that true? why? any alternative? thanks for your time!

Por sdsnatcher73

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20-01-2021, 16:46

SDHC works fine in current firmware and has been supported for a while (not sure if it 10 years) so you may have to upgrade your firmware to get it working. But you can flash the firmware from the 128MB SD you have now.

Por Grauw

Ascended (9578)

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20-01-2021, 16:51

Yeah support for SDHC was added, I think SDXC doesn’t work though.

Por AxelStone

Prophet (2840)

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20-01-2021, 18:19

I didn't know about SDHC, good to know, so now what's the biggest size we can use? Until now I use 2Gb SD card.

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