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Por Niles

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10-10-2003, 15:01

I'm reading the reactions to the new MSX mag#2...

Is there any way to create a "distribution list" for that?. Some way like the megapolls, and make a big order to amazon.co.jp through MRC/PayPal?

(I know I know... I'm only give more work to MRC Tongue but... this "service" would be great for all MSXers, wouldn't be? Smile )

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Por Maggoo

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10-10-2003, 15:05

I did order the first edition of the MSX Magazine directly on the japanese website of Amazon, there is a button to display the interface in english so you can proceed with the order yourself even if you don't speak japanese. I did the same for the pre-order of the second edition.

I don't see the point of doing a group order, I doubt amazon will make discount on volume purchases Smile

Por Niles

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10-10-2003, 15:08

Shocked! oh I understood there's some discount doing a big order.... no way then Smile

Por Sander

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10-10-2003, 15:21

The only thing you can save on with big orders are shipping costs. This assumes however, that we all live in the same street. Resending the mags within Europe would make things more expensive (in terms of extra shipping costs) that ordering a single copy directly from Japan. I think.