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Por FiXato

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16-10-2011, 15:33

Wolf_ wrote in the newspost as a reply:
In our first announcement of E11 we thought it could be released the day after or something. While writing that news post, Jorito was on holiday, which restricted him in kicking our asses for typing that before the post was placed. Needless to say: it will be soon, but not today or something.. just 'soon'.

Por hap

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16-10-2011, 16:00

Yes, please Smile
Looks nice so far; looking forward to the pre-order and release dates Big smile
huh? preorder what, a download slot for the translation patch? Or do they plan to sell it? Eek!

Por Sama

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16-10-2011, 17:19

Thank you very much for your nice comments! And also yesterday; I really enjoyed everyone's reaction to the presentation. Although we're already very motivated to finish the project, this really was a great extra stimulus! We plan to put the preorder form and the betaversion online on the Project Melancholia website as soon as possible. If it's done, I'll let you know here as well.

@Manuel: those numbers are the following: 11/10/15/EE indicates Event Eleven; 15-10-2011, EE is short for Event Eleven. The next number was counting down to the moment we would reveal what the project is about (so counting down to 15-10). Now it's sort of counting down from that moment, but of course this will disappear on the new website. The next number is simply the amount of pageviews and I added 'MSX2' because if I wouldn't, it would not be possible for anyone to link this to an MSX project.
@hap: where were you yesterday? I went into that during the presentation Tongue.

Por Randam

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24-10-2011, 21:59

This is one cool project! Finally the story as it was intended for one of the greatest games. This is THE translation project to look out for. Keep up the great work!

Por Sama

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25-10-2011, 14:10

Thank you! Unfortunately there have been some delays last week, so the website with the beta still isn't up and running, but if all goes well, it will be by the end of this week.

Por Sama

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31-10-2011, 23:01

...and it's online! Sorry for the delay, but we hope you will enjoy browsing our website and trying the demo version of the new SD Snatcher English translation!

Por JohnHassink

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31-10-2011, 23:09

Sure thing!

Por ant0niutti

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31-10-2011, 23:33


Por snout

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01-11-2011, 00:08

Have you read the news today? ^_^

Por Konamito

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01-11-2011, 00:31

I just ordered mine. I want to enjoy the game finally in the best way!!!

I'm also thinking about get a Pazo's cartridge for this special version of the game...

Great job!

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