MSXdev'03 jury selection

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15-10-2003, 14:44

MSXdev'03 game development competition is about to finish and we need judges to vote the different games. At the moment, only one person has joined the jury: Mr. Konamiman.
The only job to do is receive the 1st of December all the games (they won't be many, unluckily) and then give them a numeric note and send your vote by e-mail to the organization.
If you want to join, please send your MSX curriculum (experience as MSX1 asm programmer will be welcome) to or write it down here if you want.

Kind regards and thank you for your help!

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Por pitpan

Prophet (3145)

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15-10-2003, 22:42

By the way, the MSXdev'03 part of Robsy's MSX Workshop is back on-line, updated and bilingual: you can read it all in english or spanish. I hope that this helps!

Kind regards,

Ed Robsy

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16-10-2003, 08:52