NMS8250 + monitor for sale

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17-10-2003, 23:41

Rescued from someone's attic, it needs a fair bit of dusting. It seems to be in good condition, afaik everything is functioning as it should. And I think it deserves a better home than the scrapheap. Wink

original NMS8250 + manuals and keyboard
Philips monitor (color, white version, front lid missing)
NMS1431 printer + manual (pretty beaten up, looks like an assembly kit Tongue)
Philips joystick
the collection of software that came with it (a small tray of disks, haven't checked them all)
cables! Big smile

The whole set goes for 30 euros, though you're required to pick it up yourself Tongue. Location is Kudelstaart, Aalsmeer which is closeby Amstelveen/Amsterdam.

Interested? Contact me at cvwalta(at)cs.vu.nl

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