For sale: MSX2 collection


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01-12-2011, 21:16

I have this collection for sale:

Philips MSX2 NMS 8250 with new doublesided drive
Philips RGB monitor (with new switch)
Philips Printer
Philips Modem
Philips Music Module
FM stereo pak
Joystick, mouse
A few hundred disks!
Various original software on disks
Manuals, MSX books and lots of MSX magazines

I'm looking for a reasonable offer for the lot!

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Por cklayman

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01-12-2011, 21:57

I am interested in the books and manuals. Can you provide a list of them?
Not interested in buying the whole lot though.

Por lkpalwa

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03-12-2011, 21:54

where is this trade ?? NL or Spain ??

Por Alesukka

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18-09-2012, 11:05

Maybe i will buy that Philips MSX2 NMS 8250 with new doublesided drive and give for you my x'press SVI-738 and 3 games? Smile

Por Capitan_Goto

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18-09-2012, 12:09

Hi PRK! I´m interested in the audio cardtridges, the mouse and the joystick. How much do you want for these items?? can you send me a mail with the prices? Thx