MSX Pack for sell!

Por melliug

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14-02-2004, 09:58

I've want to sell this pack:
-MSX Sony Hitbit hb 101p,in good conditions, keyobard ok, with stickers ...
-Sony hitbit external diskdrive: HBD-30. A 720 kb diskdrive with a cartrdige disk controller. This cartridge have a swtich for 360 kb or 720 kb drives.
-Sanyo DR202A Cassette drive. With it's original box and cable to connect msx.

All for: 65€ with delivery included in Spain.

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Por pitpan

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14-02-2004, 16:44

Some questions:

The HB-101P has only 32 KB, am I wrong?

The external disk drive is in working state or faulty? If it works fine, perhaps I would be interested. I live in Spain and in a few weeks I will go to MadriSX.

Kind regards,

Ed Robsy

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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14-02-2004, 18:04

Being unfamiliar with the HBD-30, I looked it up. It seems the HBD-20 and 30 are double sided drives, while the HBD-50 is single sided.

One would expect a higher number to be more feature rich! That's confusing model numbering on behalf of Sony Big smile