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por Latok en 05-08-2003, 16:32
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Right here you can find the new Arranger page. The Arranger team is about to release their 'Arranger Platinum', the successor to the popular 'Arranger Gold' which was released some years ago.

Arranger Gold and Arranger Platinum are both audio CDs with arrangements of well known MSX tunes. The members of the Arranger team have quite an MSX history. Ruud v/d Moosdijk, Bart Roymans, Jan Liewe Koopmans & Jorrith Schaap are all part of the current crew.

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Por mighty.m

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08-08-2003, 12:31

Arranger rules... not so long ago I downloaded the arranged version of Mohenjo Daro somewhere... GREAT STUFF guys :-)