MadriSX & Retro 2004 - Retrocomputing fair

por replay en 24-02-2004, 14:32
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We reported before that the MadriSX fair will be held on March 6th this year. On its 10th anniversary, this Spanish MSX fair will not only be about MSX, but will also pay attention to retrocomputing in general. The organisation wants to create a platform for all retro computing fans, where everyone can show the latest developments of different vintage computer systems.

The following groups have already confirmed they will have a stand on MadriSX

  • Ceinsur - Selling MSX, Amstrad ans Spectrum games from pices as low as 2 euro's. Ceinsur will also demonstrate several small stand-alone MAME systems.
  • Desgalixtat MSX - Several MSX gadgets on sale, like T-Shirts or posters with MSX game cover prints, or a DVD-ROM with pictures of many MSX game covers. They will also sell several second-handed games
  • Karoshi Corporation - Demonstration of two new MSX games and WAVer3, promotion of MSXDev'04
  • MSX Power Replay - Second handed MSX games
  • Museo 8bits - Demonstration of several rare retro computing objects

Various standholders are still to be confirmed. Last year two MSX Resource Center members visited MadriSX. You can read all about it in this report, or have a look at our MadriSX photoshoot if you want to have an impression of what the fair will be like.

Relevant link: MadriSX website.

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Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

Imagen del BiFi

24-02-2004, 15:04

Two new MSX games? Is there any detailed info about them already?

Por snout

Ascended (15184)

Imagen del snout

24-02-2004, 15:11

I think it's about Super Puzzle Figther 2x and Snail maze.

Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

Imagen del BiFi

24-02-2004, 16:15

Snail maze? That's not a new game, right? There's already a rom image downloadable for a few months already.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

Imagen del anonymous

24-02-2004, 19:41

I think it's Super Puzzle Fighter 2X and Guru Logic :/

Por karloch

Prophet (2113)

Imagen del karloch

24-02-2004, 22:02

Well, the rom image of Snail Maze was a beta version without sound....

Por pitpan

Prophet (3135)

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25-02-2004, 11:34

Actually, the current beta of SNAIL MAZE (that you can download in ) has sound.
But the games that we will present there are not the ones that you have mentioned. Only Karoshi knows the titles. That is it: SURPRISE!!!

Por sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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25-02-2004, 14:10

Bombaman will also be sold. Most likely by Mxs power replay since I asked Rafa and he told me he hoped Hnostar will sent the package with Bombamans

Por cax

Prophet (3736)

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26-02-2004, 12:41

WAVer 3 - let's see how it will compete with MicroWAVer

Por viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

Imagen del viejo_archivero

26-02-2004, 17:51

Yeah, this will be Karoshi's fist time in a MSX fair, and showing some projects!. One of the games is a MSX1 conversion of a very famous classic game, and the second one is an original game. Demos will be available the day after the fair on Robsy's website. Ah, just one thing more!. Join MSXdev'04 now!. :-). Let's make new games for our old MSX1!

El Viejo Archivero