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Por Poltergeist

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19-06-2004, 17:39

Seems like a good idea Wink And perhaps we can do some more songs...
I never knew Albert Huitsing, as I left the FAC before they started on Soundtracker PRO. I don't think he was a "real" member of the FAC, though..

Por MrRudi

Hero (525)

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19-06-2004, 18:07

Well I've improved my playing a lot since then Smile and yes it was needed too, I'll admit that myself...before last year I never took the time to learn to play with both hands, go figure!

And AFAIK Albert never really joined FAC, he just did some MIDI routines.

Por Grauw

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19-06-2004, 18:32

Hi there Laurens! Long time no see. Seems to be a bit of a reunion going on here...
Does anybody remember Renaldo Riemersma? He used to do a diskmag called Data-magazine.

Hey Alex! Smile

Yeah, I remember him... Not very well though, I believe I haven't met him often in person, but you talked about him every now and then Smile.

- Wammes Witkop

- Frank Druijff
- Jan v/d Meer (may he rest in peace... sigh...)


Por wolf_

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19-06-2004, 18:54


Por Latok

msx guru (3867)

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20-06-2004, 19:20

People like Lies Muller? Robbert Wethmar? Hans Niepoth? Martin Kruit? Kees Folst?

Por Sama

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20-06-2004, 23:31

Has somebody mentioned Martin Bakker yet? Smile

you mean Martin"copy disk "a" to "b" "Bakker Tongue

Yup, that's the guy Smile

Por Thom

Paladin (691)

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21-06-2004, 11:54

- Jan v/d Meer (may he rest in peace... sigh...)
Crying He wasn't that old, was he?

Por Low_Profile

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21-06-2004, 12:10

Hey, the 'Red Head' is me Smile Nice to see someone remembers me.

B.T.W.: Wasn't Dave on 'All You Need Is Love' a couple of years ago?

Hey Richard!.. yes that was in fact Dave on All you need is love. Smile it seems such a long time ago already though... he lives here with his wife and kids just one block away from me. Smile

what ever happened to UMF anyway?

Por MrRudi

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21-06-2004, 13:08

It doesn't only SEEM a long time *IS* a long time ago. Almost as long ago as the time we put milkshake is someones slippers at the McDonalds...was that in Goes?

Por MagMar

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21-06-2004, 13:13


Is noone remembering me.
The guy who gave the idea for Moonblaster.
The guy who build the haert of C-Quenser.
The guy who builded Moonblaster Midi Replayer which is sended to snout about a half year ago and still isn't in the download section.
The guy who manipulated Soundtracker so that it could play more than 83 tracks.
The guy who manipulated Soundtracker so that it could play songs wich needed more the 9 channels (Impact made a couple of songs for this replayer)
The guys who made the most noice at Msx Club Gouda.

If this still don't ring a bell then i think that i'm realy forgotten.

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