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Por BiFi

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19-08-2004, 18:18

Is Abdul Ramsi Hos Bibi III already mentioned?WHO?!?

Por mars2000you

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19-08-2004, 18:20

Even Google doesn't know him !!!

Por anonymous

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19-08-2004, 18:31

There's a MSX'er called Ramzy Alawi from Yemen tho...

Por Sama

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20-08-2004, 08:22

Let's not forget about Arjan Arends then Wink


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20-08-2004, 22:18

I remembered some other MSX dudes.

Hans Kleerebezem - MAD member and Maestro's Board BBS
Maurice Mennings - MAD member
Tonny Overgoor - should be written as Tonnie Overgoor

Peter Gerstenheimer - from german -MSX CONTAKT- magazine
Gert Pepela - Editor of MSX CONTAKT
Alfred Steiner - from Austria
John Murray - from England

Nico Lubbers - Station group
Richard Fielt - Twinsoft

If you need more please tell me... MAD Greetinx

Por meits

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20-08-2004, 22:35

I'll mention some frisians then:

Jeroen Haisma - MSX Club Friesland-Noord (northern dealer for HPN)
Arjen Haisme - MSX Club Friesland-Noord/Near Dark (gfx man)
Wouter de Vries - MSX Club Friesland-Noord/Near Dark (gfx man)
Peter van der Galiën (OPA) - Near Dark (gxf man)
André Annema (CHIP) - Near Dark (coder/composer)
Ivor Bosloper - Near Dark (coder)
Klaas de Wind - MSX Club Friesland-Noord (founding member)
Gerrit Jellema - MSX Club Friesland-Noord (PD archiver)
Jelle Jelsma (MEITS) - MSX Club Friesland-Noord/Near Dark (composer/DISKrunner)
Marten Westerhof (BOOTFAILURE) - Near Dark (coder)
Hanno Kooyker - MSX-Club Friesland-Noord (King's Valley II stages fixer)
Haiko de Boer (HOOX) - MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland (Sunrise BBS Sysop)
Edwin van der Heide (IMPULS CORPORATION) - MGF/Near Dark (coder/composer/gfxman)
Kier Kracht - MSX Vriendenclub Friesland-Zuid (MSX Enthousiast)
Marcel Delorme (MSD) - NWO (coder)
Roman van der Meulen (SHADOW) - Fuzzy Logic
Alex van der Wal (SAVAGE) - Fuzzy Logic
Mark Jelsma - My bro... dunno 'bout clubs he joined or got kicked out of Tongue
Ronald Zijlstra - Genic/RBM-Group (Ronald,Bas,M...) (lately hit the national news cuz of someone stole a laptop in his store and he put pics of the thief in his store)
Bas Labruère - Genic (Tried so hard to import japanese stuff, but made some mistakes. One of those mistakes took him to TROS Kieskeurig)
Martin de Vries - MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland
Janny Boertien - MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland (both lived in the MGF meetingplace)
Jan van Valburg - MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland/Element (coder/composer)
Hans Cnossen (KID CNOZ) - Fuzzy Logic (composer)

Got quite a list here, though I think I forgot some... Though, most are mentioned...
If all were still around, we could kick quite a party up north Tongue

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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20-08-2004, 23:05

Let's try some Utrecht folks:
Piet Vermeulen - MSX Club Vianen

euh... ^^;
(seriously, there must be more but my memory isn't that good Tongue)

Por Sama

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21-08-2004, 09:01

MSX-Code (Enschede) members:

Jan van der Wal
Astrid van der Wal
Herman Pieters
Clemens de Vries

Por Armitage

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02-09-2004, 09:08

Let's not forget about Arjan Arends then Wink

WOOT !!! Somebody remembers me.............. probably not in a possitive way Wink , but who cares Tongue

Por Whizzy

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02-09-2004, 10:59

Then i'll add the Paragon members: (in random order)

Leon van Steensel (idea's, manuals, pr, music)
Antal van Kalleveen (gfx, coding)


edit: still having our website:

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