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18-03-2004, 23:18

Aaaah.. lets draw some attention to this fine dutch band called benjamin B.. As you might now, one of my biggest hobbies (apart from MSX) is music. And to be a bit more specific: (indie) guitar pop music some would classify as 'alternative'. Now.. back to benjamin B.

In 1996 this dutch band released their first EP on the young label Excelsior Recordings, which was rapidly growing to become the quality label they have been ever since. (Featuring dutch bands like Daryll-Ann, Simmer, Caesar, Alamo Race Track, Spinvis and Johan)

After that they released two albums (The Comfort of Replay and Instant Art), some website only covers. They also appeared in a dutch beer commercial (Grolsch) and performed a huge list of gigs all over the Netherlands; on Eurosonic and Noorderslag, sometimes supporting bands like Nada Surf, the Posies, Metal Molly, K's Choice, Fountains of Wayne, etc.

However, after the 1999 album 'Instant Art' and the tour that followed, silence surrounded the B's. Now, finally, they are back with a new website, an upcoming gig (more to come) and - more important - an upcoming record on a new label: Livingroom Records.

So, if you'd like to know a bit more about what I'm doing in my spare time: visit the website of benjamin B. and be sure to check it out every now and then. I'll bug you all again as soon as the record has been released :P

oh yeah for the clever guys out there: I'm not playing in this band, but I am helping out with their website every now and then. ;)

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Por Bart

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19-03-2004, 13:15

Shameless! Smile

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19-03-2004, 14:54

(plug plug plug plug plug)