MSXDev'04 entry: Stratos

por snout en 15-07-2004, 16:56
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On the 31st of July the 2004 MSXDev competition closes. As the deadline is getting closer, more and more developers send in their finished games. Last week Eat Blue! 2004, the second MSXDev'04 entry, was released, followed by the third entry: T-Virus. As of today the fourth entry, Stratos, can be downloaded from the MSXDev'04 status page as well. The first entry to MSXDev'04 was Kralizec Battle Tetris, which was released in April.

Stratos, created by CEZ Game Studio, is a game inspired by the all-time classic Boulderdash. Apart from the ROM image itself you can also download a manual, a cartridge label and a MIDI-file from the game tune from the MSXDev'04 status page.

There is also a bit of sad news, as Karoshi Corporation were forced to cancel their project 'Parking Service' due to lack of time.

Relevant link: Robsy's MSX Workshop

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Por pitpan

Prophet (3152)

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15-07-2004, 21:07

MIDI file has been removed due to permission problems. Sorry.

Por Manuel

Ascended (18864)

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15-07-2004, 21:34

wowwwww! Very very cool!
Incredibly good music, great colourful graphics, scrolling.... Very impressive! how many levels are in that 8kB ROM?

How about English instructions?

Por ccfg

Rookie (20)

Imagen del ccfg

17-07-2004, 00:40

Great game, great music and nice sound effects!

Anyone finished MAP 4? At the end of this level I need one bomb but can't find it anywhere on the map...

Por [WYZ]

Champion (447)

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17-07-2004, 00:55


There are 14 Maps only due to limited room. The best maps edited will be included in next versions and English Documents too.

All the maps can be finished, but the best person to guide you throught the game is SappiRe.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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19-07-2004, 11:38

Just now I can't remenber the MAP 4, but I suggest you that the gravity is a progressive effect. So, you can move around while rocks are falling over you... ;D


Master (172)

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22-07-2004, 17:42

Just to say THANK YOU to all who liked our work on Stratos.It was pretty challenging to make some music that could fit on this game and I´m very very happy that it mostly liked.It´s my very first collaboration making music for an MSX Game...And I hope this will be just the beginning...

Por snout

Ascended (15187)

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22-07-2004, 17:46

And I hope this will be just the beginning...Me too! Keep up the good job!

Por Imanok

Paragon (1192)

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02-08-2004, 10:10

Really good game!!... and a really tricky one!! (^^!)

Por [WYZ]

Champion (447)

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02-08-2004, 23:46

A new version will be updated in robsy's MSX workshop site soon with several changes because some people have suggested them:

- Pucrunch decompressor added. (impressive this tool)
- 50/60 Hz switch.
- Hi Score counter.

Thanks Imanok.