Question about Mbwave-emulation

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Por Grauw

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31-03-2004, 21:30

In MSX-DOS2, you can use FIXDISK to create an MSX (-DOS2) bootsector. Should be ok, although maybe a turboR can get confused and boot in DOS2 mode when you want DOS1. But ahwell... Depends if that's a concern.


Por RobertVroemisse

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05-05-2004, 15:49

John. I have the perfect solution. In a few weeks I am going to Rieks in Leiden and I happen to have a working nms8245 in a dusty dark corner of my MSX dungeon. If you like I can bring it for you, together with the proper (real) disks. You still have your moonsound do you?

Por wolf_

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15-05-2004, 00:00

hey! you have a dark dungeon too ? Smile

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