What is MSX lacking (so far)?

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Por Maggoo

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21-04-2004, 09:08

- Notepad (or ted) type of simple text editor with possibility to edit multiple files at a same time. (I know that one for DOS1 was made in Russia, but for 40 column display) Memory mapper & swap memory support for it would be needed as well

Have you ever tried MPW ? It's really good, works in 80 column mode, allows to tune up the interface with whatever colors you might prefer AND allows editing multiple files at the same time (and copy/paste from one to another). This is the only editor I'm using on MSX. Really worth trying it out (F1 for help with all the commands). A version 2.0 was supposed to come out but I don't think it was ever finished.

Ok, what I think the MSX really lacks:

* A good 2D topdown view racing game, a bit like "Micro Machine". If possible with multi player mode.

* Good Platform games with scrolling. Psycho World is technically great but I'm just not having any fun playing it. I'm thinking more Mario, Turrican, Metroid, Alex Kid.

* Tactics game, a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics or Advance War on the GBA. I only saw very few on the MSX and mostly all in Japanese.

* A decent PSG tracker.

* Games like "Day of the Tentacles" or "Monkey Island" :-)

Por [D-Tail]

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21-04-2004, 10:32

- Fast way to load MSX programs from PC HD (Cartridge - USB link & disk ROM and client ?)

Yeah... Bitwise is still busy developing this kind of hardware. At the moment, our hardware developer is busy drawing the final circuit. It was meant to be shown in Tilburg (again), but too bad all Bitwise members decided not to go to Tilburg (except me, that is). So there will be NO demo this year... Sad

Por wolf_

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21-04-2004, 10:57

game develop/build tools for platformgames, horizontal/vertical shooters, rpg, racegames etc...

ok.. we have gamebuilder, swell Smile

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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21-04-2004, 10:58

What I really miss? Hm, let's think about that...

- A proper MSX-aware C cross-compiler
(That's Linux soft, but targeted for MSX, does that count? Smile)
- A scrolling pinball game (a la 'SIlverball')
- A decent PSG+FM-PAC+MusicModule tracker
(Nope - SME, MoonBlaster and Oracle just don't do the do)
- A Screen 0 version of MultiMente would be welcome, too
(MM is ok, but dead slow Sad)

- USB interface

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9918)

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21-04-2004, 11:06

About a psg tracker: someone ought to make a moonblaster/mbwave/mbfm player that plays directly to the psg.. in that case it's up to the composer to use 3 square waves as reference sound. Making such a player is less work than a whole new tracker ^^;

Por legacy

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21-04-2004, 11:52

I want more SPEED. and it would be nice if it's possible to connect a drawingboard to the RS232. although we can connect it, but there are no utils or drivers to use them

Por chaos

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21-04-2004, 12:13

I'd like to see an ethernet card on MSX.
So you can add your MSX in a home network, or make use of an Internet broadband connection. In that way it should be easy to exchange files, check email, chat on irc, play multiplayer games on internet. (E.G playing bombaman with ppl in four different country's! Tongue)

I hope Sunrise is able to finish their ethernet project!

Por Ivan

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21-04-2004, 14:18

I put this text in other forum thread, but it's related to the question of this thread:

I would like to see a professional MSX magazine again. Since the disappearance of MCCM in The Netherlands and Hnostar in Spain there has been a long "unprinted" silence. Of course a new professional MSX magazine should be published in English.

Most of you will say: "Why a new MSX magazine when we can find tons of MSX related news in the Net?"

Well, the information in Internet is highly volatile; don't expect to find something that is in the Net today 10 years later. A printed magazine, contrary, is forever.

Por BiFi

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21-04-2004, 14:53

I too vote for a BombamanNet. How to lock you opponents the fast way Wink

with a few 1000 km between them...

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9918)

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21-04-2004, 15:49

Well, the information in Internet is highly volatile; don't expect to find something that is in the Net today 10 years later. A printed magazine, contrary, is forever.

well, perhaps an idea for MRC to group a month of news-items and create some magazine-style PDF of it.. with a cover etc. Smile

hmm. lotsa work indeed Smile

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