One Chip MSX on the shelves of Japanese shops

por snout en 07-12-2006, 22:25
Tema: MSX Revival

Source: D4 Enterprise

D4 Enterprise have announced the new One Chip MSX is to become available in several shops in Japan as well. E-Trader is one of the companies that will put the One Chip MSX on the shelves. On the blog of 1983 game shop sales are announced as well, including a picture of the One Chip MSX on display.

Many years after the Panasonic turboR computers disappeared from the shelves in Japanese shops, new MSX computers can actually be bought in ordinary shops in Japan once again. Gigamix Online reports that both ASCII24 and 4gamer have picked up the news. Now we can only wonder which shops will follow.

Relevant link: One Chip MSX in Japanese stores - announcement at Gigamix

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07-12-2006, 22:32


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08-12-2006, 00:26

Aaaaagh!, only two months ago I was there!, damn...Sad

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Should I go to Japan and pick one of those up, or should I visit my girlfriend? decisions, decisions.... Crying