Konami remakes

Por snout

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26-08-2002, 12:10

On the frontpage was a message about pharao's curse being a remake of King's Valley II. Konami is not being credited in the game, and as far as I know.. this is the first MSX-game remake that actually costs money.I have my doubts about this, especially since we know that Konami was not very keen at remakes in the past. I think, however, that it is hard to draw a line between remakes and games inspired by other games.Maybe they did not credit Konami on purpose so they could pretend they do

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Por DarQ

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26-08-2002, 13:19

don't think about it. To get rid of suspicious rumours youshould ask the people who make it.

Por Latok

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26-08-2002, 14:18

It's very obvious they don't mention the King's Valley inspiration on purpose. It irritated me already from the first time I heard of the project. Now that they start selling the game, things are getting only clearer... Very sad.