BlueMSX is very fast growing MSX emulator.

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Por mars2000you

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22-05-2004, 17:41

Just to make some tests: try to run all the Bandwagon demos in those emulators. If they work fine in the MSX1 mode, then the VDP emulation is wrong. Bandwagon demos only work fine in computers with V9938 built-in. They do use TMS9918 screen modes, but they are not compatible with TMS9918. They originally released all that demos for the SVI-738, a MSX1 computer with a V9938 VDP.

That's wrong ! From the Bandwagon site :

"The demos were coded and shown at the partys with a Spectravideo SVI-728 MSX 1. PSG, VDP1, 64K RAM, Z80 @ 3.57 MHz, MSX-DOS 1 and so forth - a basic MSX1 with no extensions."

They have used a SVI-728 that has the "normal" MSX1 VDP (and not the SVI-738 that uses indeed the MSX2 VDP)

Besides, I checked one of these demos (Merituulen karaisemat) in BRMSX : it works perfect in MSX1 mode and with some errors in MSX2 mode (By checking the screenshots on the Bandwagon site, I know that BRMSX makes errors in MSX2 mode)

On blueMSX, it works even good in MSX1 and MSX2/2+ modes !

If you want to check the MSX1 compatibility of blueMSX, just try this recent demo :

It works perfect in MSX1 mode .... and doesn't work in MSX2/2+ modes, because it uses the "special features" of the MSX1 VDP.

Por IC

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22-05-2004, 18:05

What sound support are you missing? If you have a Moonsound ROM (2MB) and you put it into the 'roms' dir, then you'll even be able to hear OPL4 noise! Unfortunately, it doesn't work well with for example Bombaman, but that's a minor detail. According to Frits Hilderink, a new version of NLMSX will come up soon... Smile

I'm not missing any sound. But imho the moonsound does sound like a 12khz chip with a chainsaw rattling during playtime

Por Yukio

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22-05-2004, 19:06

Hey, IC.

I can't understand why do you say that the best way is still.. Get the original thing.

MSX Emulator can't be compared with Real MSX machine.

But MSX Emulator can taste the MSX environment on PC without MSX hardware.

Por [D-Tail]

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22-05-2004, 21:13

Agreed with that, ATARULUM, but IC is right when he says the OPL4 support of NLMSX bothers him. I suppose that will be dealt with by the time of the next release though... Smile
Furthermore, I think PSG, SCC and OPLL are emulated rather well. I didn't test the support of OPL1, but I think it's in there as well Wink

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